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People really seem to love Face of Betrayal, and Lis really appreciates receiving your feedback on the book, so we’ve decided to occasionally post a few of your messages!

Can’t wait for the next book–do we have to wait a whole year!  What a wonderful, fresh novel with a whole new take on prosecutor, FBI agent and reporter.  More, more, more please.
–Janet T.

I just finished your book, Face of Betrayal, and what a wonderful read. I hated for it to end.  I am looking forward to your next book with the triple threat club.
–Steve G.

I just wanted to tell you that I just finished Face of Betrayal last night. I generally don’t read fiction, but I watch you on O’Reilly all the time, so I thought I would try fiction. The book was great! Really moved at a fast pace, and kept me interested. I felt your character development was really good too – no one in the book was so far-fetched that they were unbelievable. Very good read! Thanks and keep the books coming!
–Jill D.

Just finished your book Face of Betrayal and am looking forward to the next in the series! I read the book after seeing you on The O’Reilly Factor. I love mysteries. I was so pleasantly surprised to find out Face of Betrayal included Christian faith along with the mystery. Thank you so much for writing such a great book! I am recommending it to my daughter who is a first year law student.
–Joan P.

Lis, this book is amazing.  I love the layout of the chapters.  I just started the other night and kept reading until midnight.  Keep the “killer” books coming!  Big fan!!

I truly enjoyed Face of Betrayal.  It had me from the moment I cracked the cover until the surprise ending!  I don’t want to wait until 2010 for The Hand of Fate… can’t you hurry it up a little?  Thank you!
–Mary Lee T.

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  1. face of betrayal is a very hard to put down book. it would make a great mothers day book or birthday gift for someone special. if you have any friends who work for the legal community please let them know about this book lis is a former prosecuter and she has some really fasinating details in this awsome bestseller.

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