Even more fan mail!

We love getting your letters!  Here are the latest!

Just finished Face of Betrayal – my Mother’s Day gift from my sons.  Couldn’t put it down and am anxiously awaiting the next one!  Thanks for an exciting read!

Just finished listening to your book from Audible…  I listen as I knit on the way to work.   So glad the girls are all staying in Portland… hurry with the next book. I loved loved loved it…
–Mary Ellen

Hey Lis, I read your book and absolutely loved it! Can’t wait for the next one to come out…

I loved your book and can’t wait for April 2010, when Hand of Fate comes out. My husband is a retired ATF agent and former D.C. policeman, so mystery, crime, drama is what we both enjoy reading. I must tell you that I have and still do enjoy your air time on the Bill O’Reilly show. You are a delight. Keep the books coming and we will keep reading.
–Bonnie C.

I loved your book!  I am a travel nurse and do a lot of reading & crocheting in my spare time.  I am also a Christian and it is sooooo nice to read a book that doesn’t have the “F” word in every other sentence.  Foul language spoils a story for me.  Thank you for incorporating God into your book.  He is so important in today’s world and is the only one that will be able to sustain us in these tough times.  Thank you again!
–Rebecca F.

I have seen you on Fox several times.  Did not know you were an author.  Saw your book at Family Christian Book Store in Grandville, MI.  My first thought was why and how did Family Christian get your book.  Now I know, good Christian testimony in the story.  You write similar to my favorite author Terri Blackstock.  I now rate you right up there with her. Great book, cannot wait till the next one is out next year.  It is great to see books with a Christian theme woven thru.  A good testimony.  Thanks for doing  the book.
–Larry L.

Loved Face of Betrayal!   I was halfway through the book and thought “I know who did this.”   A few pages later, I changed my mind.    When I got to the end… I was right the first time!   I am an avid mystery reader.   It was great to have a book that didn’t compromise my Christian principles and make me skip paragraphs or even pages of the story.    Looking forward to Hand of Fate!   Oh, also listen to you on O’Reilly!
–Sandy R.

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