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  • Thanks to the San Francisco Examiner for featuring Face of Betrayal as its “Evening Read!”
  • Reviewers on have rated the book four stars out of five on average so far, including these great compliments from reviewers who rated it five stars

    This book has it coming from all sides and you are really not sure which direction you are going to go down next and the ending is surprising. I really love each of the three female characters and reading about them as well. This has been a great read- I highly recommend it!  –H.M.

    I read the whole book over a weekend & I could hardly bring myself to put it down! From the very beginning when the characters are introduced, they are brought to life in a VERY VERY WELL WRITTEN & COMPELLING fashion. I could almost see them, I felt like I knew them. The GRAND FINALE was AMAZING & SHOCKING.  Loved it!  –Luisa C.

    I literally could not put it down. The characters, the storyline, and the legal aspects all came together to make this book a must-read! Lis Wiehl is clearly on her way to becoming one of the next great authors of our time. Move over James Patterson, here comes Lis!  –Cary L.

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