Lots of big, big news!

Hey, Triple Threat fans! We’ve got lots of news for you, but the biggest news of all: Face of Betrayal is now available in paperback, earlier than expected! It’s hot off the presses and has shipped out of Thomas Nelson’s factories, and you can visit ThomasNelson.com to find a retailer near you (or online) that is carrying the book!

We also want to mention that Lis’ vlog will resume next week–and that she’s waiting to get YOUR questions and comments about it!

Also, in the next several weeks we’ll be updating LisWiehlBooks.com, especially as we prepare for the ever-nearing release of Hand of Fate, so be on the lookout for those updates!

We’ll close this update with a bit of your fanmail:

Face of Betrayal was a great read.  It was like watching one of today’s intriguing news stories unfold.  I zipped through it all too quickly and am waiting for the next book.  Hurry!
–Mary B.

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