Another note from Lis’ 88-year-old fan!

You may remember that Lis had an 88-year-old fan who raved about Face of Betrayal when it was first released.  Well, he just finished Hand of Fate, and here’s what he had to say!

Lis,     Finished  HAND of FATE  last night.        SUPERBLY WOVEN PLOT….SUPERBLY UNRAVELED PLOT….JACKPOT !!!!!!!!!

Thank you for your kind words in the frontispiece.

Especially for you  —  Ephesians 3:16-19

Bill C., Corvallis, OR

One thought on “Another note from Lis’ 88-year-old fan!”

  1. dear lis
    love your new book hand of fate have already recamended it to many people including some in the legal profession. this new book of yours is great because it is exacally like the headlines there are so many talk show hosts who have been attacked . want to recamend another great legal thriller for your readers it is called “after the game” by norman chastain I think you will like it

    tom chastain

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