3 thoughts on “Lis on the Times Square terror attempt”

  1. Keep your eyes on the road, and your hands on the Wiehl.

    Excellent advice. I hope I transcribed it correctly.

    I would add, if you go to the beach, keep your eyes on the tide and your hands on your possessions. No reading at the beach.

    I never understood the term beach read. Does it mean books meant to be read on the beach are inferior to those meant to be read on a couch, a train, or, God forbid, at a desk?

    And then, of course, there are the infamous wheel reads, i.e., books meant to be read while driving. (I hear they’re illegal in most states.)

  2. hello lis how are you my name is fred skagen and i have a question of you im sorry to bother you i know im a stranger to you but i always wondered what nationality you are because your last name is wiehl are you irish or english or sweedish im just curious ok forgive me but no offence your a beautiful women ok sorry for bothering you and thank you for your time and you have a very nice day thank you fred

  3. hand of fate would make a great gift for fathers day if your looking for the perfect gift for your dad or the perfect gift to suggest for for fathers day. hope lis does some book signings in tampa florida we have some great barns n nobel and borders haslems and inkwood book stores here would love to see her lots of big fans here

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