“Heart of Ice” review by Suspense Magazine

We just got our hands on an advance copy of a review of Heart of Ice written by Romaine Reeve for Suspense Magazine, and we had to share it with you!  Here’s an excerpt:

The Triple Threat Ladies: Allison, Federal Prosecutor, Nicole, FBI Agent and Cassidy, TV/News Reporter are brought together once again in Lis Wiehl and April Henry’s third novel “Heart of Ice.”

This duo does a masterful job of weaving a very credible suspense story in spite of letting us know right up front who the criminal is. One would think the suspense is over, but not here as they methodically portray Elizabeth Avery as a Petri dish full of psychopathology. On the outside she is a façade of beauty, but on the inside she is a sociopath who is a calculating, emotionally distant, cold-blooded murderer that possesses the ability to cut right to the core of a person’s vulnerability.

Experiences in early childhood taught her how to manipulate weaker people and infuse them with a sense of perceived power that made them want to “rescue” and “protect” her. How ironic because it is Joey, the arsonist and Clark, the avenger who needed protection from her. No remorse or second thoughts here.

Wiehl and Henry continue weaving additional well-crafted story lines throughout the book and this is what makes their third series novel a real page turner. These story lines give the reader a bit of a respite from the darkness of Elizabeth Avery’s character. Read on.

You can read more reviews at SuspenseMagazine.com!  Thanks, Romaine, for the kind words!

One thought on ““Heart of Ice” review by Suspense Magazine”

  1. Lis,  I loved Heart of Ice, and I rarely read books cover to cover.  I thought an alternative ending might have been to have Elisabeth be aquited of every murder and then have a terminaly ill Nicole shoot her in the courtroom right after the not guilty verdicts are read. Nicole could then have then begged Allison to seek the death penalty against her to spare her the pain of an agonizing death by cancer.

    Tom Weiss, Minneapolis

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