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Wanted to take a few minutes today to introduce you to a friend I’ve met through my publisher (Thomas Nelson), fellow author Erin Healy.  Erin writes stories that explore the supernatural much like my new East Salem series.  A few questions with Erin, regarding her recent release, The Baker’s Wife:

What inspired you to write The Baker’s Wife?

The Baker’s Wife started with the idea of exploring what it means to live in a spiritual fog–of pain, of injustice, of bad theology–and then expanded as I asked questions about how we Christians can help our loved ones and our enemies to escape that fog. I was challenged by notions of what it really means to love our enemies and bear another person’s burdens, ideas we sometimes tout without being willing to pay for (speaking for myself). Living the Christian life well is costly, and I have been guilty of cheapening it by not being willing to enter another person’s suffering. This world is overflowing with opportunities to ease suffering. We could all do more. The Baker’s Wife, and specifically the character Audrey, is a letter to myself challenging me to live better than I usually do.

Why do you think readers are so fascinated with supernatural stories?

I think there is an awareness among people, regardless of their religious persuasions, that there’s more to this world than meets the eye, more than our man-made scientific methods can explain. Supernatural stories feed our imagination and our hearts with possibility. Because we are made in God’s image, we yearn for truth, even the truth we don’t yet have the privilege of knowing fully.

 What book are you working on next?

House of Mercy is a supernatural suspense novel about an aspiring large-animal vet. She works with her family on a fifth-generation ranch that is a ministry to discarded men who need work and hope. When she is sued for a terrible mistake, the judgment devastates the ranch and leads to her father’s death. It seems that God refuses to answer her prayers for mercy and intervention. So she embarks on a journey to find the only person who can help her save the ranch–a dying old man who has lost his fortunes. House of Mercy is a novel about waiting for God’s miracles. It’s a novel about healing that only God can do–healing of the body, of the heart, and of relationships.


EH TBWFind out more about Erin and her books on her website.  And be sure to RSVP for the party she’s hosting on Facebook on Thursday night.  Looks like it’ll be a blast, and there are some pretty great prizes on the line, too.

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