Win a signed copy of “Eyes of Justice!”

Heads up for fans of Lis Wiehl’s Triple Threat suspense series! A shocking plot twist lands you a free book! Or maybe two!

Solve the Triple Threat Murder Mystery and you could win a signed copy of Eyes of Justice, the latest Triple Threat novel.

The three Triple Threat heroines are back again in Lis’s latest book, Eyes of Justice. Cassidy Shaw, crime reporter for Portland’s Channel 4; Allison Pierce, federal prosecutor; and Nicole Hedges, FBI special agent, are ready to fight crime and expose injustice, just as they did in the previous books in the series: Face of Betrayal, Hand of Fate and Heart of Ice.

But this time, two of the Triple Threat ladies are investigating a murder that’s way too close to home: the brutal killing of their closest friend. That’s right—one of the Triple Threat heroines DIES in this book!

Which one? No one will know until Eyes of Justice hits the streets on April 3. Meanwhile, you can look for clues and guess which of our smart, beautiful crime fighters meets an untimely end. EVERYONE who enters a guess will receive a free ebook copy of Lis Wiehl’s supernatural thriller, Waking Hours. And if you guess correctly, you’ll also be automatically entered in a drawing to win one of 100 signed copies of Eyes of Justice.

That’s right: Go to Lis’ Facebook page to learn more about the details of this murder, and to guess which character dies. Just for entering a guess, you’ll get a free ebook! And you could win a signed copy of Eyes of Justice. This offer’s only available for a short time. So get your guess in now! Check out the quiz and enter your guess!

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