Your fan mail keeps coming!

We never get tired of your fan mail! Here are more of your recent messages.

I just wanted to let you know I love your new book Eyes Of Justice. I’ve read all your books and every one is fantastic. Enjoy you on Fox also, especially with Bill O’Reilly. Thanks for an enjoyable weekend with a great book.
–Clara A.

Just finished Eyes of Justice, terrific book, read it in one day. Keep them coming.
–Jane S.

I just read Heart of Ice and again you outdid yourself! I could not put the book down. As an oncology nurse, I could really identify with Nicole and I hope in your upcoming books, Nicole and Leif end up together!  Great job!
–Rita J. 

Just completed Waking Hours & loved it, but at the ending it felt like there was a continuation. Will there be sequels? How many? When can we expect the next “East Salem” novel? Please!
–Donna L. 

Hi, was wondering if you had another book in the Waking Hours series? I received that book when I ordered [Bill O’Reilly’s] Killing Lincoln. Both books were great. Then my wife ordered me the Face of Betrayal series. Have finished those and wanting more. I plan to order the newest book. Please keep writing.
–Ralph F. 

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