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Lis Wiehl fans are the best! Here’s what you’ve been saying lately.

I cannot get enough of the Triple Threat books.  They are fantastic.  I just finished Eyes of Justice, and WOW!  I did not see that plot coming!  I hope you are planning on writing more of these with Ophelia as the third party now.  I just read the book in a day!  I could not put it down.  I am going to try out your other series now!
–Tammy L.

Just read Face of Betrayal and have already purchased Hand of Fate. Awesome books! I honestly didn’t want to put the first one down when I was reading!

Every [book] just gets better. I wait to start a book when I have a large block of time. Finished Eyes of Justice at 11:57 last night. I loved it. Can’t wait for the next one–although I hated to see Cassidy go.

I have just read your first three books [featuring] the Triple Threat [Club] and I am starting on the fourth one. Please, please, continue to write more books about this terrific group of women. I hate putting these books down. You are awesome!
–Marylouise R.

Just finished Waking Hours.  I could not put it down!  Can’t wait for the next installment in the trilogy.
–Linda S. 

3 thoughts on “Your latest letters”

  1. I read all 4 of the Triple Threat books within 5 days!  They were really good!  When there is a series, I like to read all of them at one time and hate when there is a lull in between books! 

  2. More Triple Threat books, please. Can’t get enough. . . Ophelia should make a nice addition to the next in the series. . . please, please don’t end the series!!!

  3. I just started reading your books and really enjoy every minute, keeps my attention throughout( can’t put them down) Keep them coming please. Love the characters! Mary T.

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