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Almost every day of the year we get messages from readers like you–and we love it! Here are a few things that you’ve had to say recently.

Lis: Once in a while you read a book whose theme coincides with real life drama in your own life and gives you insight or helps you on a path. We just never know how we affect those around us. 🙂 –Dave V.

I was delighted to find your newest book, Darkness Rising, on my Kindle yesterday morning. Finished it last evening and can’t wait for the next one. Thank you so much for all the hours of reading pleasure from this series and the Triple Threat series as well. We also enjoy seeing you on Fox News. –Dawn R.

Love your East Salem series. Needed to reread the first since it had been awhile; didn’t want to miss one pertinent detail and realized after starting the second (excellent) I had to do some review. Love Charlie the angel–hope he is/stays one of the “good guys”! I know the last book will be awesome. Could your fans be emailed when its due out? Thanks and God bless you! –Linda F.

I am listening to your Triple Threat books while I take my 5-mile walk everyday. Completed “Betrayal” and “Fate” – now listening to “Ice.” These are really good books and your certainly are talented beyond belief–as well as a beautiful woman. Keep writing and I will keep listening and watching you on Fox. Enjoy. –Charles M.

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  1. I’ve just purchased Hand of Fate and Eyes of Justice for our library.  Are they actually part of a series or are they stand-alone books?  Can’t wait to begin reading.

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