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Your letters keep coming in and we love them! Here’s what you’ve said lately:

THANK YOU! I enjoyed your new book. It is so nice to read a book that is fun and not full sex and bad language I admire you and hope the best for your family and you in the future P.S. I have read all of your books thus far……. looking forward to the next one….–Lynda R.


4 thoughts on “Your latest fan mail”

  1. Just finished reading WAKING HOURS. Wow! It was a page turner, couldn’t put it down. Lis, because you did not use bad language, nor did you fill it full of sexual innuendos, I will be able to recommend it to our 14 year old granddaughter that loves to read. It has information and things that teenagers should be aware of. Thank you so much! Will be looking for your books from now on.

  2. I very much enjoy reading all your mystery books. Each one is quite stimulating and leaves the reader wonderful what will happen next. I always look forward to the next new book. I’ve read all of them so far. Keep writing!!!!
    I also enjoy listening to you on Fox News.

  3. I love the Triple Threat Series, please don’t stop it!!! Allison needs to have her baby, Nicole needs to have her wedding, and Ophelia needs to have a life! Ophelia fits in just right. From one big fan 🙂

  4. I am a fan. FYI The Yakima Braves are a baseball team. So are the Cleveland Indians. The Yakima Indians are an Indian Tribe not a sports team.
    I get your your point. These are noble names. No one would call their team the “Washington Idiots”

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