More of your letters

Here are more letters from readers just like you (including one from a 12-year-old fan) who just finished Hand of Fate and Face of Betrayal!

Just finished your book Face of Betrayal.  Great, great book.  Only problem was that I read it too quick and it was over.  Looking forward to more Triple Threat novels.  Thanks.
–Melissa H.

Lis,  Loved both Face and Hand.  Can’t wait for Heart.  Better hurry up while Bill C. in Corvalis is still aroung to enjoy it too.  I am 74, I sure as hell will be here to enjoy it.  Maybe some day I can get you to autograph all them for me.
–Bob M.

Dear Miss Wiehl,
Let me just start off by saying your book is amazing! My dad won a copy of it on the radio and brought it home for me to read since I intend to be in the FBI when I grow up, I’ve even been offered to go to a Duke summer camp where they have courses on psychology. Its so hard to find books like
Hand of Fate without the R-rated content so I’m usually not allowed to read these kinds of books, but your book was wonderful and had no R-rated content. I am currently 12 years old but I’ll turn 13 [on] Tuesday the 11th. I intend to read your other two books and any others that you come out with. Please keep writing! I wish you all the best with your new books. God bless!
–Allie M.

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