More of your fan mail

Your messages have been streaming in steadily since the release of Heart of Ice, and we love reading them all!  Here are a few that we received in the last week or so:

My husband got me hooked on your books. He bought my first one for my birthday last year.I am so excited that you have a new book out. I have read Face of Betrayal and Hand of Fate and loved them. Tomorrow is my birthday and I have dropped several hints this week. If he does not deliver, I’ll be hitting the book store myself. Looking forward to more. –Julie S.

Well i finished reading your book and really enjoyed it. I had maybe 100+ pages left to read yesterday and  sat and finished it. Could not put it [down], i wanted to get to the end for the finish. … Now im looking forward to your next book… Can’t end it there Lis… –Gerry L.

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