Praise for “Winning Every Time”

We recently received a very kind message from a lady who had some nice things to say about one of Lis’ earlier books, Winning Every Time.  She gave us permission to reproduce her message in part, so here’s what she had to say:

My husband and I are commencing (in our 40’s) to hire an attorney… Well I picked up “lawyer” books on how to hire/deal with/protect yourself from etc. from the library and came across your book Winning Every Time.

Let me just say that I’m an avid reader and keep a very short, but compelling list for my 2 eight-year-old boys. My hope is that one day they’ll read each book on the list. Authors include Malcom Gladwell, Susan Wise Bauer, Bill Bryson and Randy Paush. Your book made the list this a.m. Here’s what I said:

Winning Every Time by Lis Wiehl. This is an OMG book. I could almost cry that I didn’t read this at 20, then again at 30, then again at 40. I read it at 46 and realize how much it would have SERIOUSLY helped me if I’d only read it sooner. Of course it came out in ’04, so I couldn’t have read it in my 20’s!! Read this again and again.

I loved every chapter — because I sooo needed it — but I particularly loved the chapter on telling stories. …Thank you so much. I hope you’ll keep writing non-fiction.

Wendy I.

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