Enter here for a chance to win a free audio book!

Thanks to everyone who watched Deirdre and Lis on “Blonde on Blonde” on Imus this morning!  Lis wants to hear your thoughts: How are you and your family managing to eat healthy?  Give us your tips by commenting on this blog post. We’ll randomly select 5 winners to receive an audio copy of Lis’s first Triple Threat book, Face of Betrayal.

Thanks in advance for your tips!

3 thoughts on “Enter here for a chance to win a free audio book!”

  1. Lis  was nice to hear your input without to many interuptions. My husband & I can only afford bags of apples. We try to eat broiled, baked meats.  Income would make it IMPOSSIBLE to eat everything organic.  Loved the way you busted in & made some mouths stop talking.

  2. Hi Lis, It’s the Berkshire Girl and I am also a diabetic girl so I know about healthy eating. I try to pick fresh fruits and veggies and now that the farmers markets are all around the area where I live I can go there and choose things like fresh peaches, apples, green beans, grapes, lettuce and other things plus I walk all over the area and although I do struggle as a diabetic on staying away from the so called “Good Stuff” but not so good for me or others too I try to stick to Baking, Broiling or better yet Grilling all or most of my lean meats and my pastor even grills  some veggies, yummy for my heart and tummie !!!!
     Bye Lis from Leslie ooo

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