Lis interviewed in MTL Magazine

Lis was recently interviewed by MTL Magazine–the interview appears in the April issue.  Here’s an excerpt:

…anything worth having is not without its hurdles. And Lis’s stellar career has not been without them—one of the biggest hurtles being the criticism and death threats received over the years.

“There are some really negative things that come with being out there—not everyone’s going to like you, and some people are going to not like you pretty strongly,” Lis states.

But rather than hold her back, Lis uses these hurdles to push her forward. “It’s a competitive world, but I don’t compete against others,” she says. “I always find it sad, in life in general, when people take pride in somebody else ‘slipping on a banana peel’.”

Lis likens it to running track, which she did in school. Although you are part of a team, track is essentially a competitive sport with yourself. Your goal is to do better than what you did before.

“The most I can do is push myself to be better,” she shares. “And that’s what I tell my kids.”

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